Ropes and Tarps

We supply a wide range of rope, twine and string, tarpaulins for shelter erection, swings pulleys and walkways, furniture making, musical instruments and decorations.


We provide a wide range of tools for woodland management and use the material to make equipment as above.

Safety protocols are taught and insisted upon from day one.


Safety protocols are taught and adhered to from day one. We supply a portable fire-pit for cooking. Marshmallows are always a favourite, especially when we cut hazel twigs to toast them, we can cook burgers or hot dogs too, even a three course meal.


The children enjoy making music with instruments and sticks.


Look at the sky. Adults and children alike love to relax in our hammock


Join the Dots Forest School supplies portable chemical toilets for young and old. We use only green organic chemicals in our toilets

Happy Experiences mean happy people!