connect with nature

Discover a deeper you

Spiritual experiences can occur at random and unexpected times. Everyone can develop a deeper spiritual connection with their environment as they find themselves free to explore the experiences provided by the Join the Dots Forest School team.



Just hearing birdsong brings pleasure, but to hear a bird you have never experienced before, then discover its name and identify it without seeing it is a magical experience. To understand whether that bird is happy or annoyed brings deeper connection still. 


Flora & Fauna

A surprising amount of food can be foraged on Great Wymondley Rec. Also a wide variety of wildlife- birds, rabbits, moles, badgers, foxes, butterflies live or pass through it. Knowing trees provide essential oxygen for survival, identifying them by their structure shape, foliage, twigs, bark, seeing colours beneath the bark and using wood for a multitude of fun uses, can lead to really deep spiritual connections. Wood may never seem quite the same again.

Fire pit


Searching for dry wood, failing then succeeding to light a fire, cooking food you have brought to share with friends, fosters deep spiritual connection with our environment and people around us.


Mastering how to use a tool

Once you start lopping, sawing and whittling wood for a whole range of uses, all manner of connection with the trees and what they do for us develops.