I have drawn a Love Tree for Alison because I love her Forest School so much.
— Sam, age 4.

I drew Alison with flowers in her hand.
— Chloe, age 3.

I love searching for Camo Bear.
— Harry, age 5.

I love the ladybird game.
— Chris, age 6.

I love the water game and snacks
— Imogen, age 3.
The courgettes cooked on the open fire were delicious!
— Henry, age 11.

Thanks Alison, the boys had a blast again!
— A Parent.

You’re amazing, you can have Simon overnight in a tent any time.
— A Parent

Thanks, Alison. You do an amazing thing for those kids.
— A Parent

I arrived at your forest school session stressed Alison, and left relaxed and happy. Thank you.
— A Parent

Thank you for letting children do things we did when younger, it’s inspirational!
— A parent.